Church Reopening Plan

June 27, 2020 at 6:03 pm

After more than 3 months of Shelter in Place, we are excited to let you know that by God’s grace, we are almost ready for the Church reopening and welcome you back in the near future (in compliance with the San Mateo County Public Health directives dated June 17, 2020).  It is always our goal to provide a safe campus to protect the staff and members against the spread of COVID-19, while we slowly resume our worship and activities. 
We have some guidelines to share with you below.  Prayerfully these guidelines can help and assure you that it is reasonably safe for most of you to return to church.
Church Reopening Plan
  1. Attendance is limited to 45 at any time, that is 25% of Church allowed capacity of 181. Sanctuary can sit 33 in order to meet the 6 ft. social distancing requirement. Three congregations will meet at the same time, between 10 and 11 am, in 3 separate locations:  English (Social Hall), Chinese (Sanctuary) and Mandarin (Chapel).
  1. The Church will continue to broadcast the Sunday worship via live streaming and conduct other activities via Zoom meetings, as an alternative for those who are not ready to return in person.
  1. The Church encourages congregants over the age 50 to stay home and children to remain in the care of those within their household, during the initial phase of reopening.
  1. The Church will sanitize all surfaces, pews, equipment, floors etc. before and after Sunday services.
  1. The Church has posted signs regarding social distancing, use of masks, sanitation requirements, and people should refrain from attending if early signs of COVID-19 are detected.
  1. The Church has set up control for flow of foot traffic and sitting arrangements, in order to meet the social distancing requirement.
  1. The Church has temporarily removed and suspended the use of hymnals, bibles, bulletin and non-essential furnitures.
  1. The Church will train volunteers, including ushers, audio/video technicians and staff to administer the measures.
  1. The Church will prepare and implement protocols, when a staff member or congregant becomes sick and exhibits symptoms of COVID-19.
  1. Congregants are required to pre-register before returning to Church, in order to limit the number of attendees in the initial phases of reopening. A pre-registration would help the Church to prepare for your return and for tracing purposes if there is a case of COVID-19 being detected among our staff or congregation.
  1. Congregants are required to wear masks or face coverings inside the Church building. Other measures including frequent hand washing (sanitation), 6 feet social distancing and minimal physical contact with persons outside your household are encouraged.
We earnestly look forward to having you back in the near future and will update you once we have the date of reopening set.
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